We achieve goals because there is a drive in us. If we know our WHY, we will be more inspired and successful. Understanding your purpose is fundamental to living a fulfilled life. 

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Come out from behind the shadows and claim
your space - because your opinion matters.

I help women find their worth and be confident
so that they can use their voice, speak up
and take new opportunities.
Make a living on your terms and
ultimately lead a fulfilled life.

I know you might feel insecure inside, you second-guess your opinion, you consider first what others might think, you don’t dare say what you mean, you are afraid of  disagreements, you seek harmony even if it hurts you.

Self-acceptance creates inner power and with that power you can find your voice, that voice is the tool to spread your message in a team, in a company, in your business, in your family, anywhere.

The value and the power is already in you. This is the foundation of your leadership. It’s possible to learn to like yourself even if you have been hearing for ages that you are not enough. Even if you have heard once and again that you don’t fulfill the expectations of your parents or your teachers or your partner.


Nobody but you has permission to decide

what is good and what isn’t in yourself.


It is possible to claim that back even if you have heard time and again that it’s not yours to own. It is so ingrained in your mind you don’t dare challenge it.


I believe that you have a voice and that it’s meaningful.

I am convinced that you can find your value, your worth and give that voice the right volume so it’s heard. I know that you can speak up and it is important that you do because there is value in what you need to share. There is a new leader and it’s you.

Stop keeping yourself in a cage.

You are the new kind of leader in the world today. What you have always wanted to become is the woman who is confident in herself, not afraid to speak up when necessary, to raise her voice when it needs to be done, to say no without feeling guilty, to ask for what you need without apology because you know you deserve it, to be brave enough to apply for a position that is challenging, the woman that gives her opinion even when nobody asked because she’s convinced that it’s important, the woman who likes the way she looks and feels comfortable in her own skin, the woman that leads like a woman, she’s a warrior, she’s a woman on fire, she’s wild and untamed and she takes all the space she needs.


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Meet Me in September
Meet Me in September

Here's what Cecilia, Marianne and Isabelle said about working with me...


Cecilia Chiolerio

Co-Founder & CEO TwoStay

“Since I started working with Maribel, I have become more confident and more self-aware. I have finally acknowledged what I am good at and what drives me. I enjoyed Maribel's relaxed vibe and warmth and loved the passion she put in my issues almost as if she was going through my same journey. I’d recommend Maribel to all young women like me. This is the ideal moment to create out paths with intent. Maribel acted as a facilitator to help clarify my ideas while at the same time giving me space. Thank you so much, Maribel! There's been few people who’ve believed in me so much. I am deeply grateful.”


Isabelle Bélanger

Renewables | Asset Management | Sustainability

"Thanks to the coaching engagement with Maribel I was able to achieve more self-confidence. One of the things I liked most was her flexibility based on the needs that arose during the sessions. I also appreciated her creativity and empathy. I have gained more perspective on a lot of things and created a long-term plan for my life. I’d definitely recommend any professional looking for more clarity to work with Maribel. Her advice and consulting are great. For me it was a life-changing and eye-opening experience!"


Marianne Rauschmeier

Founder & CEO va-globearound

"When I first met Maribel, I was about to start my business. I was plagued by self-doubt and afraid of failure. She helped me to dramatically improve my self-confidence! Soon after I started getting my first clients. Having a clearer vision of my future was key. Maribel is a great professional who knows exactly how to gently push you forward. This is not a one-size fits all program. Maribel understood my situation and  adapted our sessions to my individual needs and personal goals. If you are looking for major personal and professional growth, this is the program for you."