Maribel Ortega coach speaker mentor

I know where you are coming from. You want to be that woman, unapologetic and confident in herself, unafraid of speaking up when the time is right, that phenomenal woman who says no without guilt and asks for what she needs because she is self-aware and knows what she deserves.

You are that woman who is brave enough to apply for a challenging position, to quit an unfulfilling job for entrepreneurship, you are that woman convinced that her ideas and opinion are important, you are that woman who leads like a woman, you're a warrior, a woman on fire.

Take all the space that you need, girl. The time is come.

The value and the power are already in you.


You have heard once and again that you don’t fulfill the expectations of your parents or your teachers, your boss, your partner. Nobody but you has permission to decide what is good and what isn’t in yourself. It is possible to claim that back even if you have heard time and again that it’s not yours to own. It is so ingrained in your mind you don’t dare challenge it.


I know exactly how that feels. It’s horrible and humiliating, having all the ideas, all the thoughts formed in your head, but they get stuck in your throat because you don’t dare. It’s like a big dark claw grabbing you by the neck, freezing you.


I was there letting that claw keep me quiet. But I also can tell you how fantastic it is to finally free yourself from it. It’s all false beliefs and you can get rid of them and I know how, because that’s exactly what I did.


I was able to transform from that little sweet lamb that wouldn’t dare open her mouth to the woman I am now. Anyone can do it. And you can do it too.


I am here to show you how.


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