Maribel Ortega

Maribel is an expert leadership executive coach and business cultural training consultant. Specialising in coaching and training high-level executives in navigating globalisation and multicultural business environments, she has a special interest in emotional and cultural intelligence.

She is originally from the Dominican Republic where she first studied medicine for five years. She is fascinated about culture, leadership, languages and psychology. She speaks five languages, has lived in six different cities and has traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe, Latin America and the US.

She works with corporate clients providing them the tools to perform their jobs effectively in international projects, creating highly cohesive teams. She has a master's degree in philology from the University of Erlangen, is a certified coach and business cultural trainer with more than ten years of experience in corporate training.

Maribel has lived in Germany for 18 years. She is based in Munich and able to coach and train in English, German and Spanish. Her clients include Avantgarde, Valtech, SevenOne Media, MAN, Howden-Caninenberg, Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte and Schollmeyer & Steidl.


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