Question for you...


What if you could achieve solidly

grounded self-confidence in

the span of just 90 days?

Or, let me rephrase that..

What if in just 12 weeks you will stop worrying about what others think, your opinion is taken seriously and matters?

You will have a clear vision of where you

want your life to be going.

These things will inevitably make your relationships

with family and colleagues so much more

authentic and meaningful.

You will feel independence, autonomy by

getting rid of blocks or false beliefs.

If you want to learn how to feel

satisfied, confident and valued…

keep reading...

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Here's the problem...

You know that in order to be on top of your life and career,

you need rock-solid confidence that is sustainable…

However, you're constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like…

“How do I say ‘no’ when that is what I actually want to say?”

“How do I speak up and share my opinion?”

“How can I stop being my most enthusiastic critic?”

“How do I know which is the right decision for my career?”

“How do I work on my presence so that my opinion is heard and respected?”

“How do I stop worrying about what others think of me?”

Can you imagine?

Imagine having amazing self-confidence that is grounded in your values… without reading tons of self-help books, lots of trial and error or feeling inauthentic.

What would happen? Let me read the future to you…

You’d be doing work that is meaningful to you, feel independent, successful and satisfied, being able to communicate assertively your ideas / needs and positively influence people.


If you want to learn how to be assertive, feel confident and create the life you want, I have something for you…



90 days to an amazing self-confidence


The step-by-step program that teaches you how to become confident, end self-doubt and achieve your goals.

Here's what Karen, Laura and Isabelle said about working with me...

anna dinsing (1)_edited.jpg

I started the Unshakeable Confidence Program in February 2021. At that time, I was very unhappy with my career and my personal life.

I was severely overweight, my self-confidence was zero and I had no idea how to get out of this vicious circle.

My goal was to increase my self-confidence to 3 and feel comfortable in my body.

At the End of the programme, 12 weeks later, the results were incredible. I lost 24 pounds, I had the confidence to apply for my dream job and I got it! My confidence was at level 8! That's beyond any expectation! Now I continue to lose weight and feel more confident every day.

The programme "Unshakeable Confidence" is one of the most amazing programmes I have ever done.

I would recommend the programme to everyone, even if you think you don't need it. You won't believe how many insights you can get from it!

Thank you so much, Maribel, for this unbelievable transformation. I have enjoyed every single week of this journey!

— Anna Dinsing —

IT Manager

Doing this program has helped me considerably improve my confidence and a lot of professional opportunities have appeared. Furthermore, my personal relationships took a turn for the better. I can see an obvious improvement in my quality of life: I am happier. The fundamental changes are in how I see myself and my actions. I am still me, but now a dramatically more empowered entity.  


Maribel’s program has led me in a journey of self discovery and empowerment, and she was there right on time to ask the hard questions and make the change permanent. She was not there to use easy quotes or make myself feel better. I always felt that she was there to make me better. She did not just give me tools, she led me in a journey that transformed me into a capable, confident and thoughtful being.


Working with Maribel was the most intense emotional workout that I have had in my life. She brings passion, intelligence, and focus to her work. Challenging all the concepts I had of myself and making me think and work for the changes I was looking for (and some I was not) was exhausting and frustrating and so rewarding. I cannot thank you enough, Maribel!

— Dr. Karen Tavares Silva —

Research scientist | Microbiology specialist | Bioprocess development | Process Optimization


After staying home for a year and a half with my first daughter, I returned back to work and found myself at a point where I felt lost, without a clear aim in my life and career. I had to make a change but I did not know exactly where to start or where to go.

Through the recommendation of a friend I met Maribel, and I can only say that she is an excellent person and a brilliant coach. Through her professionalism, her objectivity but - above all - her great empathy, I managed not only to find my way not only on a professional level but also on a personal one. I managed to regain confidence in myself.

In each session she always encouraged me to stay focused on my goal and I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to advance towards my goals.

I have no words to thank you for how much your coaching helped me, Maribel! Thank you for following your passion and helping more women to be brave, to believe in themselves and to achieve what they set out to do!

— Laura Mejia —

Industrial Engineer

I have often been interested in learning different methods to increase my self-confidence. In Maribel's “Unshakeable Confidence” program, I found several very helpful approaches presented in such a professional and effective way. Maribel picked me up exactly where I needed it. Thanks to her and the well-structured concept, I have seen incredible progress and I feel much more secure about myself and my actions. I am much more relaxed, both in private and in dealing with my employees. Issues that used to cost me hours, if not days of my life in repetitive negative thinking patterns and discomfort, now only bother me very briefly or no longer at all. That was my desire, I wanted to achieve that and I finally did, thanks to Maribel. I recommend this program to any woman, and not just when life gets challenging. I wish I had had this opportunity 20 years ago.

— Sabine Raasch —

Director in Energy Service Provider Sector

Sabine Raasch_edited.jpg

Here's how it all breaks down...

Phase I: Foundation

Understand what self-confidence is, discover your core values, craft your mission statement and set inspiring goals for your transformation.

Dig deep into your inner critic, understand that it is just a voice, but not all of you and learn techniques for dealing with it.

Analyse your strengths and weaknesses, accept them. Learn how to practice self-compassion, love and forgive yourself.

Discover the inner mentor within you through the process of guided visualization and journaling.

Two private sessions with me including the Vision and Goal-Setting Session and a Progress Session (60 min each)

Put it all together and create a long-term plan of development and personal goals.

Learn to honor your body through practices of relaxation, mindfulness, gratitude and appreciate your physical health.

Discover the trap of negative thinking and learn the six simple steps to break negative thinking patterns.

Identify your negative core beliefs and establish new ones that serve you to achieve your goals.

Learn how to deal with fear, face it, understand fear of failure and practice the steps to do things in spite of it.

Two Progress Sessions with me (60 min each) to dig deep and reinforce the learning or adapt it to your specific situation.

Phase II: Reinvention

Phase III: Consolidation

Understand how the brain works with emotions and learn how to control them in difficult situations.

Switch to a growth mindset so that you can open up to a new way of understanding challenges.

Learn the necessary tools of assertive communication so that you can say what you mean without feeling guilty in a feedback situation or difficult conversations.

Put it all together and create a long-term plan of development and personal goals.

Two sessions with me: a Progress Session and the Completion Session to assess improvements, celebrate breakthroughs and consolidate the learning

What makes Unshakeable Confidence different?

Unshakeable Confidence is the first program that works on two levels: it combines both solid foundation work to build your self-confidence and gives you tools to improve your presence so that you come across as an assertive professional. 


This is a journey the three phases of the program take you through.


On top of that, Unshakeable Confidence provides you with two working approaches: 

individual work in which you will be using a workbook, journaling and reading

sessions with me where we together dig deep and focus on your specific challenges