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Question for you...


What if you could achieve solidly

grounded self-confidence in

the span of just 90 days?

Or, let me rephrase that..

What if in just 12 weeks you will stop worrying about what others think, your opinion is taken seriously and matters?

You will have a clear vision of where you

want your life to be going.

These things will inevitably make your relationships

with family and colleagues so much more

authentic and meaningful.

You will feel independence, autonomy by

getting rid of blocks or false beliefs.

If you want to learn how to feel

satisfied, confident and valued…

keep reading...

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Here's the problem...

You know that in order to be on top of your life and career,

you need rock-solid confidence that is sustainable…

However, you're constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like…

“How do I say ‘no’ when that is what I actually want to say?”

“How do I speak up and share my opinion?”

“How can I stop being my most enthusiastic critic?”

“How do I know which is the right decision for my career?”

“How do I work on my presence so that my opinion is heard and respected?”

“How do I stop worrying about what others think of me?”

Can you imagine?

Imagine having amazing self-confidence that is grounded in your values… without reading tons of self-help books, lots of trial and error or feeling inauthentic.

What would happen? Let me read the future to you…

You’d be doing work that is meaningful to you, feel independent, successful and satisfied, being able to communicate assertively your ideas / needs and positively influence people.


If you want to learn how to be assertive, feel confident and create the life you want, I have something for you…



90 days to an amazing self-esteem


The step-by-step program that teaches you how to become confident, end self-doubt and achieve your goals.

Here's what Cecilia, Marianne and Isabelle said about working with me...

“Since I started working with Maribel, I have become more confident and more self-aware. I have finally acknowledged what I am good at and what drives me. I enjoyed Maribel's relaxed vibe and warmth and loved the passion she put in my issues almost as if she was going through my same journey. I’d recommend Maribel to all young women like me. This is the ideal moment to create out paths with intent. Maribel acted as a facilitator to help clarify my ideas while at the same time giving me space. Thank you so much, Maribel! There's been few people who’ve believed in me so much. I am deeply grateful.”

— Cecilia Chiolerio

Co-Founder & CEO TwoStay

"When I first met Maribel, I was about to start my business. I was plagued by self-doubt and afraid of failure. She helped me to dramatically improve my self-confidence! Soon after I started getting my first clients. Having a clearer vision of my future was key. Maribel is a great professional who knows exactly how to gently push you forward. This is not a one-size fits all program. Maribel understood my situation and  adapted our sessions to my individual needs and personal goals. If you are looking for major personal and professional growth, this is the program for you."

— Marianne Rauschmeier

Founder & CEO va-globearound


"Thanks to the coaching engagement with Maribel I was able to achieve more self-confidence. One of the things I liked most was her flexibility based on the needs that arose during the sessions. I also appreciated her creativity and empathy. I have gained more perspective on a lot of things and created a long-term plan for my life. I’d definitely recommend any professional looking for more clarity to work with Maribel. Her advice and consulting are great. For me it was a life-changing and eye-opening experience!"

— Isabelle Bélanger

Renewables | Asset Management | Sustainability

Here's how it all breaks down...

Phase I: Foundation

Understand what self-confidence is, discover your core values, craft your mission statement and set inspiring goals for your transformation.

Dig deep into your inner critic, understand that it is just a voice, but not all of you and learn techniques for dealing with it.

Analyse your strengths and weaknesses, accept them. Learn how to practice self-compassion, love and forgive yourself.

Discover the inner mentor within you through the process of guided visualization and journaling.

Two private sessions with me including the Vision and Goal-Setting Session and a Progress Session (60 min each)

Put it all together and create a long-term plan of development and personal goals.

Learn to honor your body through practices of relaxation, mindfulness, gratitude and appreciate your physical health.

Discover the trap of negative thinking and learn the six simple steps to break negative thinking patterns.

Identify your negative core beliefs and establish new ones that serve you to achieve your goals.

Learn how to deal with fear, face it, understand fear of failure and practice the steps to do things in spite of it.

Two Progress Sessions with me (60 min each) to dig deep and reinforce the learning or adapt it to your specific situation.

Phase II: Reinvention

Phase III: Consolidation

Understand how the brain works with emotions and learn how to control them in difficult situations.

Switch to a growth mindset so that you can open up to a new way of understanding challenges.

Learn the necessary tools of assertive communication so that you can say what you mean without feeling guilty in a feedback situation or difficult conversations.

Put it all together and create a long-term plan of development and personal goals.

Two sessions with me: a Progress Session and the Completion Session to assess improvements, celebrate breakthroughs and consolidate the learning

What makes Unshakeable Confidence different?

Unshakeable Confidence is the first program that works on two levels: it combines both solid foundation work to build your self-confidence and gives you tools to improve your presence so that you come across as an assertive professional. 


This is a journey the three phases of the program take you through.


On top of that, Unshakeable Confidence provides you with two working approaches: 

individual work in which you will be using a workbook, journaling and reading

sessions with me where we together dig deep and focus on your specific challenges

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Are you ready to achieve solidly grounded self-confidence that makes you shine?